T Contract 人工 (網民分享收集)

經網上和身邊朋友收集回來的資訊, 希望可以幫助到大家作參考啦 (05.10.2020更新)
2019-2020年 T Contract 人工 (參考約數, 需要靠自己同Agent bargain)
CSA: HK$65,000
CAP: HK$45,000
CP: HK$34,000
CJP: HK$23,000
CSITA: HK$32,000
CITA: HK$22,000

大家可以用政府俾Agent 嘅價錢同Agent bargain expected salary, 大多數Agent都接受政府支付嘅90%為expected salary

以下為政府平均(每名)對T-con員工的支出 (亦即政府支付予Agent):

YearPeriodStaff categoryAverage monthly per capita expenditure on engagement of T-contract staff in the Government (rounded down to the nearest thousand (Hong Kong Dollar))
2020January to DecemberSenior Project Manager97000
2020January to DecemberProject Manager90000
2020January to DecemberSenior Systems Analyst77000
2020January to DecemberSystems Analyst71000
2020January to DecemberAnalyst/Programmer51000
2020January to DecemberProgrammer38000
2020January to DecemberJunior Programmer24000
2020January to DecemberSenior Information Technology Assistant37000
2020January to DecemberInformation Technology Assistant (Shift duty)27000
2020January to DecemberInformation Technology Assistant (Non-shift duty)26000

Ref: https://data.gov.hk/en-data/dataset/hk-ogcio-ogcio_hp-t-contract-statistics/resource/8fa261b3-33e6-47d1-aa4d-d8c581beed90


YearEffective DatePercentage of Adjustment of T-contractors' service fees

Ref: https://data.gov.hk/tc-data/dataset/hk-ogcio-ogcio_hp-t-contract-rate-adj/resource/416129da-5395-4bf5-a26d-3375c6a03497

如想申請T Contract工作,
可聯絡以下 IT Contract Staff Services (T25) Contractor:
Chandler Macleod Group (HK) Limited
CL Technical Services Limited
EDPS Systems Limited
Global Executive Consultants Limited
InfoTech Services (Hong Kong) Limited
IT People Limited
IT Solutions Limited
Kelly Services Hong Kong Limited
Manpower Services (Hong Kong) Limited
Optimum Solutions (Singapore) Pte Limited
Peoplebank Hong Kong Limited
Seamatch Asia Limited
Speedy Group Corp. Limited
Taylor Coulter Limited
Ref: https://www.ogcio.gov.hk/en/our_work/business/business_window/contractor_list.html